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Important Notices!
ADOR - Notice - Required Paperless Filing

Tax Returns Required To Be Filed Electronically: (Notice Regarding Electronic Filing Mandate)


E-Payment for these taxes is made at the time the return is e-filed.

State Tax Returns: Sales Tax Consumers Use Tax Sellers Use Tax Rental Tax Lodgings Tax Sales Tax Direct Pay Permit Motor Fuel Tax Direct Pay Permit (sales tax on off-road fuel) Contractor's Gross Receipts Tax Mobile Communication Services Tax Nursing Facility Tax Pharmaceutical Provider Tax Utility Excise Tax Utility Privilege License Tax Utility Privilege License Tax Direct Pay
Local Tax Returns: Sales Tax Consumers Use Tax Sellers Use Tax Rental Tax Lodgings Tax






Starting October 1, 2003, certain state and local business tax returns are required to be filed electronically. Beginning with the October 2003 returns that are due by November 20, 2003, business taxpayers will no longer file "paper" returns, but will file their returns electronically using the NEW Alabama Paperless Filing & Payment System.  Alabama Department of Revenue ("ADOR") has replaced its paper-based system with two electronic filing options:  filing via the Internet ( or using the department's new telephone filing system accessed by a toll free number (1-800-828-1727). New coupon booklets for the 2003 - 2004 fiscal year will not be mailed to taxpayers. Instead, detailed instructions were mailed to each tax account holder. The instructions will also provide the Access Codes and Sign On Ids needed to register and begin filing paperless returns.  
Alabama's Paperless Filing and Payment System was designed to be FAST:  Free, Accurate, Secure and Timely.  Filing electronically is FREE to all taxpayers, and there's no pre-registration required for taxpayers that have established tax account numbers. There are no filing or transaction fees that must be paid before a return is electronically filed, and since the telephone-based filing system is accessed by a 1-800 telephone number, no long-distance service charges apply to filers who prefer the telephone system over the Internet-based filing system.
New Rule 810-1-6-.12 entitled Taxes Required to be Filed Electronically mandates electronic filing of the following taxes: State Sales, Sellers Use, Consumers Use, Rental or Leasing, Lodgings, Utility Gross Receipts, Utility Service Use Tax, Mobile Telecommunications Service, Pharmaceutical Providers, Alabama Nursing Home Privilege, Contractors Gross Receipts, and State Administered Local Sales, Use, Lodgings and Rental or Leasing Taxes.
New Rule 810-3-74-.01-(06) requires an electronic return to be filed through the Alabama Paperless Filing  & Payment system for all Withholding Tax payments initiated using the ACH Credit Method.  
If you have further questions about electronic filing, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or our Paperless Filing Instruction page.  If you need to talk with an ADOR representative, you may call 1-866-576-6531 or 334-242-1490.